Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fedora NFS Server Configuration

1. Download and install NFS rpm package using yum

# yum -y install nfs-utils rpcbind

If you have an earlier Fedora versions

# yum -y intall nfs-utils portmap

2. Prepare and modify /etc/exports for sharing files, that would similar to as shown below


/home/NFS-share */26(rw,sync)


Save and exit.


rw = for read/write access

ro = for read only access

* = allow any source request

/24 , /26 = IP network subnet

Create NFS folder and populate your NFS files you wish to share

# mkdir /home/NFS-files /home/NFS-share /ISO

# cp your-files /home/NFS-files

3. Start your NFS service

# service nfs start

# service rpcbind start

For earlier Fedora versions

# service portmap start

# service nfs start

If you wish to modify any other non-default NFS diretives, modify /etc/sysconfig/nfs .

To restart NFS service

# service nfs restart

# service rpcbind restart

For earlier Fedora versions, instead of rpcbind,

# service portmap restart

To monitor NFS stats

The nfsstat command displays statistical information about RPC calls.

# nfsstats

# nfsstats -o net

Further NFSman page

# man exports
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