Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Creating an ISO from a DVD MAC

From within Terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal)

You can determine the device that is you CD/DVD drive using the following command:

drutil status

Vendor   Product           Rev 
 MATSHITA DVD-R   UJ-875    DB09

           Type: DVD-R                Name: /dev/disk1
       Sessions: 1                  Tracks: 1 
   Overwritable:   00:00:00         blocks:        0 /   0.00MB /   0.00MiB
     Space Free:   00:00:00         blocks:        0 /   0.00MB /   0.00MiB
     Space Used:  425:20:48         blocks:  1914048 /   3.92GB /   3.65GiB
      Book Type: DVD-R (v5)
       Media ID: SONY16D1
Now you will need to umount the disk with the following command:

diskutil unmountDisk disk1

Now you can write the ISO file with the dd utility:

dd if=/dev/disk1 of=dvd.iso

When finished you will want to remount the disk:

diskutil mountDisk disk1
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