Saturday, July 28, 2012

Turning off un-wanted services on Redhat/CentOS/Fedora

chkconfig atd  off
chkconfig auditd  off
chkconfig avahi-daemon  off
chkconfig bluetooth  off
chkconfig cgconfig  off
chkconfig cgred  off
chkconfig cups  off
chkconfig dc_client  off
chkconfig dc_server  off
chkconfig dnsmasq  off
chkconfig ebtables  off
chkconfig firstboot  off
chkconfig gpsd  off
chkconfig haldaemon  off
chkconfig ip6tables  off
chkconfig iptables   off
chkconfig irda  off
chkconfig iscsi  off
chkconfig iscsid  off
chkconfig ksm  off
chkconfig ksmtuned  off
chkconfig libvirt-guests  off
chkconfig libvirtd  off
chkconfig lvm2-monitor  off
chkconfig mdmonitor  off
chkconfig NetworkManager  off
chkconfig netconsole  off
chkconfig netfs  off
chkconfig nfs  off
chkconfig nfslock  off
chkconfig nmb  off
chkconfig ntpd  off
chkconfig ntpdate  off
chkconfig openct  off
chkconfig openvpn  off
chkconfig pcscd  off
chkconfig portreserve  off
chkconfig psacct  off
chkconfig rdisc  off
chkconfig restorecond  off
chkconfig rpcbind  off
chkconfig rpcgssd  off
chkconfig rpcidmapd  off
chkconfig rpcsvcgssd  off
chkconfig rsyslog  off
chkconfig saslauthd  off
chkconfig sendmail  off
chkconfig smb  off
chkconfig smolt  off
chkconfig snmpd  off
chkconfig speech-dispatcherd  off
chkconfig snmptrapd  off
chkconfig squid  off
chkconfig svnserve  off
chkconfig vboxdrv  off
chkconfig vboxweb-service  off
chkconfig wicd  off
chkconfig wpa_supplicant  off
chkconfig ypbind off

Following services for Apache and Mysql running on the same server.
chkconfig abrtd  on
chkconfig httpd  on
chkconfig network  on
chkconfig mysqld  on
chkconfig sshd  on
chkconfig udev-post  on
chkconfig xinetd on
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