Monday, October 18, 2010

Monitor all Network Traffic Except Your Current ssh Connection

$ tcpdump -i eth0 -nN -vvv -xX -s 1500 port not 22

       Or to filter out port 123 as well getting the full length of the packet
       (-s 0), use the following:

           $ tcpdump -i eth0 -nN -vvv -xX -s 0 port not 22  and port not 123

       Or to filter only a certain host say

           $ tcpdump -i eth0 -nN -vvv -xX  port not 22 and host

     Just want ip addresses and a little bit of data, then,
     use this. The "-c 20" is to stop after 20 packets.

           $ tcpdump -i eth0 -nN  -s 1500 port not 22 -c 20

     If you're looking for sign of DOS attacks, the following show just the SYN
     packets on all interfaces:

           $ tcpdump 'tcp[13] & 2 == 2'

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