Monday, October 18, 2010

Using the "find" Command.

List only directories, max 2 nodes down that have "net" in the name

       $ find /proc -type d -maxdepth 2 -iname '*net*'

     Find all *.c and *.h files starting from the current "." position.

       $ find . \( -iname '*.c'  -o -iname '*.h' \) -print

     Find all, but skip what's in "/CVS" and "/junk". Start from "/work"

       $ find /work \( -iregex '.*/CVS'  -o -iregex '.*/junk' \)  -prune -o -print

     Note -regex and -iregex work on the directory as well, which means
     you must consider the "./" that comes before all listings.

     Here is another example. Find all files except what is under the CVS, including
     CVS listings. Also exclude "#" and "~".

       $ find . -regex '.*' ! \( -regex '.*CVS.*'  -o -regex '.*[#|~].*' \)

     Find a *.c file, then run grep on it looking for "stdio.h"

       $ find . -iname '*.c' -exec grep -H 'stdio.h' {} \;
         sample output -->  ./prog1.c:#include 

     Looking for the disk-hog on the whole system?

       $ find /  -size +10000k 2>/dev/null

     Looking for files changed in the last 24 hours? Make sure you add the
     minus sign "-1", otherwise, you will only find files changed exactly
     24 hours from now. With the "-1" you get files changed from now to 24

       $ find  . -ctime -1  -printf "%a %f\n"
       Wed Oct  6 12:51:56 2010 .
       Wed Oct  6 12:35:16 2010 Linux_and_Open_Source.txt

     Or if you just want files.

       $ find . -type f -ctime -1  -printf "%a %f\n"

     Details on file status change in the last 48 hours, current directory. Also note "-atime -2").

       $ find . -ctime -2 -type f -exec ls -l {} \;

             NOTE: if you don't use -type f, you make get "." returned, which
             when run through ls "ls ." may list more than what you want.

             Also you may only want the current directory

       $ find . -ctime -2 -type f -maxdepth 1 -exec ls -l {} \;

     To find files modified within the last 5 to 10 minutes

       $ find . -mmin +5 -mmin -10 

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